Good water quality makes industry boiler service life longer

2017/06/14 admin 9

Poor quality of water does harm to industry boiler, the worst are the scale and corrosion , corrosion is the biggest problem , it can make the metal components thinner and thinner , even make the damage of the internal structure of metal , the strength of the corroded metal significantly get lower , seriously affect the safety of the boiler , and shorten the boiler service life , causing economic losses.

Meanwhile poor quality of water in the boiler is very easy to form scale, which leads to the boiler heat transfer effect get poor, cause a lot of heat loss, it also cause the damage of the boiler parts, especially for oil burning boiler , a bigger threaten.

We can select corrosion resistant material to do the pipeline, such as coppering. For economizer , cast iron in the tank surface coated with a layer of resin to protect it from corrosion , method of deoxidization is the key way to prevent industry boiler from corrosion .

If you do well in care and maintenance,each thing will show its best to you .


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