Oil gas fired boiler structure features

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Oil gas fired boiler is different from coal fired boiler, it need to use the burner sprays the fuel into boiler furnace, work with the burning chamber without the use of grate facilities.After the combustion there is no fuel slagging characteristics, ash and slag, so the sludge discharge facilities is needless.The oil gas sprayed into boiler furnace would be easy to explode if mixed with air in a certain range or go out.So the fuel (gas) boiler must be adopt automatic burning and control systems.Structure of fuel (gas) boiler is compact, small boiler body and ventilation, water supply, control and auxiliary equipment are set in a chassis, large and medium-sized also can be assembled.Now connect the main pressure parts and fuel gas boiler way points and mention below:

1), the main pressure part for fire tube boiler: boiler shell, tube plate, furnace, smoke tube

2), the main pressure part for water tube boiler: drum (steam drum), water wall, boiler tube bundle, coil, header;

3) connection way for the main pressure parts: mainly for welding, part can also be expanded joint.

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