Industry 2 Ton 2000Kg Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler

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The fuel of 2 ton 2000kg steam boiler could be oil, gas, double fuel oil & gas.The rated saturated steam temperature is 184deg C, 193degC, however the steam temperature and working pressure could be adjusted according to your production line requirement,but higher adjustment is not allowed for safety consideration.

2 Tin 2000Kg steam boiler has wide application for industry field, such as textile, chemistry, pharmacy, food etc.The steam quality is high,high purity. Here the next is 2 ton 2000kg oil gas fired steam boiler data sheet, Xinda welcome your inquiry for further communication.

Rated evaporation capacityt/h2Hydraulic test pressureMPa
Rated steam pressureMPa1.0Rated team pressureMPa184
Feed water temperature20Water columesqm4.2
Heating surface areasqm74Exhaust  gas temperature120
Thermal efficiency
%93~95Design fuel net calorific valuelight diesel oil            42742KJ/Kg
Total power consumption
10natural gas                35455KJ/Kg
Maximum unit transportation weightt6.7Fuel consumptionlight diesel oil                 135Kg/h
Maximum unit transportation sizemm3926*1990*2257natural gas                   163Nm3/h

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