How to choose an industry steam boiler?

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Steam boiler plays an important role for the whole production line, but how to choose an industry steam boiler well?

1.Boiler rated evaporation capacity

Firstly,need to calculate how much steam you need for the production line, according to factory prodcution technology to calculate the steam capacity, then considering pipe loses, boiler scale and so on, adding another 20% capacity, it is the steam capacity you need.

2.Boiler rated pressure

Boiler rated pressure means rated steam pressure of the steam boiler, steam has different temperature under different pressure. For example, it is 184deg C for 1.0MPa pressure, 193deg C for 1.25MPa, generally the boiler pressure & steam temperature could be adjusted below the rated data, so you can choose the required steam temperature considering actual situation.

3.The boiler fuel

There is oil gas fired boiler, coal or biomass fired boiler and electric boiler. Overall consideration is necessary, such as fuel price, fuel source, environment influence and so on.

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