4Ton Oil Gas Fired Steam Boiler

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Xinxiang Xinda factory supply WNS series 4ton oil gas fired steam boiler, the boiler can produce 4ton saturated steam one hour, there is standard steam temperature of 184dg C, 193deg C, 204deg C, 226deg C for choosing, meanwhile it can be adjusted.

4Ton oil gas fired steam boiler design features

1.The boiler design, manufacture and examine all follows strict standards, boiler drawing must be ratified through government, field inspection from related department for each boiler to ensure safe and stable working .

2.All wet back three return system smoke tube structure, flame burning in big combustion chamber with micro-positive pressure, multi fuel is available like oil, gas and alcohol-based fuel .

3.Corrugated furnace pipe and threading pipe structure, strength the enhancement and meet the requirement of heating expansion.

4.Adopt docking connecting for examination and test of source material, main welding line, also 100% X-ray nondestructive flaw detection to ensure welding line quality come to national requirement .

5.Big volume for water and steam , large storage of steam, high loading ability. Reasonable inner device to guarantee steam purity. There is manhole, hand hole for boiler maintain repair.

6.Articulated juncture for boiler front back smoke box, very convenient to repair, also condensate water outlet in the box lower. Boiler support is sliding structure, decrease boiler thermal expansion stress .

7.Adopt import burner, burning fully and environment friendly.

8.Condensator has big heating area, low exhaust temperature, save fuel . 

9.Advanced boiler control, automatically adjust water feeding, program on /off automatically, high / low water level alarm, automatic protection function for extreme low water level, high pressure, flame out. Fully automatic running, realize processing without human monitor .

Inaddition to this 4ton oil gas fired steam boiler,Xinda factory also supply other types of boiler, biomass fired boiler, coal fired boiler etc. Welcome your consultation.

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