Biomass Coal Fired Thermal Oil Boiler

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Brief Introduction

Biomass coal fired thermal oil boiler here belongs to YL(G)W and YGL boiler series, the boiler is designed base on the forced circulation theory, the thermal conduction oil runs as the medium and provides high temperature at the low pressure.

Xinda supply different models of biomass coal fired thermal oil boiler, which is from 150000Kcal to 6,000,000Kcal, widely used for different industrial production line.


1.Prolong the boiler service life according to the closed circulation heating, and protect the environment.

2.Increase the heating area by adopting the pipe coil structure.

3.Reduce the temperature difference between exhaust gas and hot oil outlet according the countercurrent flow --this obvious advantage.

4.The customers can obtain the temperature below 450 degree at a very low pressure.So this thermal oil boiler has the features of low pressure-high temperature.

5.Precise temperature control by adopting complete running and safety monitoring devices.

Model Data

ModelThermal Power(KCal)Maximum Working Pressure(bar)Output Thermal Oil Temperature(℃)Design FuelThermal Efficiency


biomass / coal83%~86%

Remark: boiler thermal power and oil temperature can be customized according to customer requirement.

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